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Strategic Alliances
The best agencies are known for the company they keep. That's why we have made it part of our mission to surround ourselves with some of the top organizations in our industry. Our strategic alliances include Keystone Insurers Group, Sitkins International and Benefit Advisors Network.

Keystone Insurers Group has provided an opportunity for highly successful agencies all across the nation to join forces and become part of one larger elite network with greater resouces, more bargaining power and significantly more clout in the insurance world. In 2010, Peel & Holland qualified to become a member of Keystone. The selection process was thorough and difficult. We are honored to be a part of something so exclusive and so influential.

Becoming a member of Keystone now makes us part of the fifth largest agency in the country with more than 200 other partner agencies located in six states (and growing). As a member of KIG, our premium volume has effectively jumped to $1.6 billion, and we now have access to more than 200 companies. We now have more companies willing to insure your business than most other agencies have.

Being part of the Keystone network allows us to acquire the many benefits and resources of a larger agency. Yet, we are still able to remain completely independent and to continue giving the personal service and expertise for which we are known.
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Incite Performance Group (formerly Sitkins International) helps independent insurance agencies and brokerage firms with innovation, sales, growth, profitability and value. Incite provides much intellectual capital - wisdom, knowledge, tools, systems, strategies and resources - to each member of our agency's team. Through our partnership with Incite, we are able to grow the risk management capabilities of our agency, thus helping our clients minimize their total costs of risk.
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Benefit Advisors Network is a vast resource for Peel & Holland and all of our clients. Being a member of BAN gives us backing by the collective intelligence and market influence of a nationwide team of Smart Partners - the other agency members of BAN. Partners are carefully selected from among the most prestigious and progressive benefit firms in the United States.

By being a member of BAN, Peel & Holland is able to better control your health care costs, stay on top of regulatory changes to keep clients current and compliant, design and execute the most effective benefit plans and provide you with specific industry knowledge and expertise.

Industry Affiliations

Independent Insurance Agents of Kentucky
Kentucky Association of Counties
Kentucky League of Cities
Kentucky School Boards Insurance Trust
Associated General Contractors of America
Home Builder's Association of Western Kentucky






Professional Affiliations


Murray Town & Gown
Four Rivers SHRM
Paducah Chamber of Commerce
Murray Chamber of Commerce
Marshall County Chamber of Commerce
Mayfield-Graves County Chamber of Commerce