About Us


Peel & Holland, Inc. was founded in 1924 by Dwight Peel. In the late 1940s, Woodrow Holland joined the agency as a partner and the name became "Peel & Holland."

After Mr. Peel's death, Charles "Tot" Jackson became a partner in Peel & Holland in the 1950s. Mr. Holland and Mr. Jackson were the sole partners until R. C. Riley joined the firm in 1965.

Pat Hurley soon after joined the business to oversee the real estate business, and he became a partner in the firm. Peel & Holland's partners remained Mr. Holland, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Hurley, and Mr. Riley throughout the 1970s. Mr. Holland retired just prior to 1980, and Mr. Jackson retired in 1984. By this time, Lloyd "Brad" Colson had become an owner, and the firm had "incorporated," becoming Peel & Holland, Inc.

In 2005, Mr. Riley retired from the organization after 40 years of service.