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BUILD for Contractors

ContractorsComplementOne of the industries in which Peel & Holland takes pride in our experience and innovation is for contractors. From large general contractors to small subs, we have packages and coverages that can cover almost any type.

Among the programs we are able to offer our contractor clients is Contractors Complement, an exclusive coverage offered in this region only by Peel & Holland as part of our partnership with Keystone Insurers Group.

Contractors Complement is a standalone policy that can provide pollution and professional coverage. Whether you spread pre-existing contamination, impact existing industrial processes, cause indoor air quality issues, spill fuels, oils or lubricants, or create an impact from construction materials, your firm can receive a high level of protection against pollution liabilities at a rate that makes it affordable for you. Annual rates start at around $400, much lower than the traditional pollution policies, which typically have $2,500 to $5,000 minimum premiums.

Exposures Protected Against

HVAC Contractors Carpentry
carbon monoxide from heating systems; Freon escaping from A/C systems contamination by gases from wood, sheetrock, and other building materials; contaminants from use of treated lumber in building of decks
Demolition  Excavation
contaminants from demolition of buildings exposing the environment to chemicals, excessive dust, contaminants and irritants to breathing  excessive runoff polluting a creek, pond, or stream, or killing other plants or trees
Tunneling and Trench Digging
Industrial Contractors
hitting gas, oil, or other lines in area which would contaminate water, soil, or air exposure from any activities of the subcontractors they hire
Painting Contractor
Paving Contractor
exposing others to fumes from painting resulting in irritation to lungs or skin; certain sealants, paints, and water proofing products are hazardous to breathe runoff from improper grading or slope leading to excessive runoff that pollutes land or water; petroleum in asphalt polluting soil or water; toxic sealant irritating skin or lungs
Sewer Installation Street/Road Construction
improper installation of sewer and venting which allows sewer gases to enter properties and cause sickness contamination from improper slope or grade leading to contamination of ponds, creeks, streams, or land; pollution of water or land from petroleum-based asphalt
Concrete Construction Electrical Contractor
contamination of streams from runoff; pollution caused by hardening agent used in concrete improper installation of exhaust fan leading to air quality issues; improper venting of heating unit
Insulation Contractor Metal Erection
improper application of blown-in wet insulation leading to contamination of air quality contamination from welding fumes or from rust contaminating soil or water; contamination of air, soil, or water from applications used to seal metal
Plumbing Contractor Refrigeration Contractor
improper installation/repair allowing sewer water or gases to enter building, resulting in building contamination improper repair leading to exposure to high levels of Freon and other gases; improper venting leading to carbon monoxide issues
Roofing Contractor
Utility Contractor
asphalt shingles, which can contaminate soil and water; chemical used to wash roofs irritating skin and lungs PCBs with large transformers; allegations of contamination of streams and creeks during installation of underground utilities; danger of hitting other utility lines in the area

Sample Premiums
The following sample annual premiums are based on a $250,000 pollution legal liability limit and a $250,000 professional legal liability limit. Please note that premiums will vary based on contractor type, revenue size, and other factors.

  • For a plumbing contractor with $1,000,000 in revenue, the total annual premium is about $486.
  • For an excavation contractor with $3,000,000 in revenue, the total annual premium is about $1,458.
  • For an industrial contractor with $5,000,000 in revenue, the total annual premium is about $2,429.