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Putting Business Owners Back in Control of their Workers' Comp

Workers' compensation insurance is often a point of stress for business leaders, usually created by them not being able to control their coverage and its cost.

Imagine yourself in a position where you are in control and not at the mercy of the insurance companies. At Peel & Holland, we've created just such a system, which places our clients in a position of setting the expectations and holding their carriers accountable. The end result is a more efficient, lower-cost workers' compensation program.

What is CompAssure?

  • Forecasting of future experience mods
  • Validation of your official experience modification factor from the rating bureau
  • Payroll review
  • Claim analysis
  • Communication with carriers and NCCI to ensure corrections are completed
  • Claims monitoring
  • Reserves negotiation

How Can CompASSURE Help You?

Claims Prevention:
Adapt a workplace culture to prevent injuries.
Lower Premium:
Implement strategies to lower premium costs.
Claims Handling:
Reduce post-claim costs and impact.
Hiring Practices Premium Audits Quick Claim Turn-In
OSHA Compliance Experience Mod Verification and Management Back-to-Work Programs
Employee Health & Wellness Right Carrier Claims Monitoring/Negotiating

What Types of Solutions Can We Provide?

  • Accuracy of NCCI experience mods (battling the more than 60% of business' mods that create overcharges)
  • Elimination of overcharges caused by inaccurate claim reserves
  • Pay as you go vs. payroll audit overpayments options
  • Claims fraud prevention

How Can I Get a Quote?

Click Here for our simple, easy-to-complete workers' compensation quote request form. Submit it online and one of our workers' comp specialists will prepare a quote for you.


Watch a recorded session of our webinar: Taking Control of Your Work Comp