Employee Benefits

Online Wellness Portal

We utilize Wellsource's online wellness portal to help our clients track their employees' health activities, to provide educational sessions, and much more.

Click here to log in to your employee wellness portal.

Instructions for Using the Health Activity Tracker

  1. Click on the Health Activity Tracker tab.
  2. General Activities: a description of each activity and the requirements to meet in order to obtain the credit.
  3. Report Activities Completed This Month: if your employer has chosen for you to enter your own wellness activities, you will do so here. You can also view your Biometric Wellness Goals on this tab.
  4. Reports of My Activities: a detailed report of all activities for which you have been given credit.
  5. Incentives & Total Points: explains the requirements for each award level and tells you the total credits you have earned to date.

Instructions for Accessing the Online Wellness Center

  1. Click on Online Wellness Center (you must have completed your assessment or have accessed the Health Activity Tracker to access the Online Wellnes Center).
  2. You may hover your cursor over the topics on the left to access additional topics. When you click on a topic, a variety of articles will be shown. You may find more articles ont his topic by clicking the Article Directory on the right top corner of the page.
  3. You may conduct a search by keyword for articles.

Questions About the Online Portal?

Contact Sara Christiansen, Wellness Account Specialist, at 270.527.6135 or by email at wellness@peelholland.com for more information.