Celebrating 90 Years with $90 Donations: Four Rivers Behavioral Health Center for Integrated Supports

March 2017

For Perry Myers' $90 Charity of Choice, he has chosen Four Rivers Behavioral Health Center for Integrated Supports. Perry chose this organization because it is one of the few organizations in our region providing services, education, employment assistance, and social activities to mentally ill and emotionally disabled children and adults in our area.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health is a private, not-for-profit agency providing comprehensive, integrated mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services to promote the health and quality of life for consumers in Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, Marshall, and McCracken counties. Any individual in need is eligible to receive services without regard to race, religion, disability, national origin, or gender.

The Center for Integrated Supports (CIS) provides a vast array of services and supports which are designed to assist persons with disabilities to successfully live, work, receive an education, and socialize in the community setting of their choice. CIS houses case management programs and developmental disabilities services.

If you would like to join Perry in donating to Four Rivers Behavioral Health Center for Integrated Supports, please contact their Chief Financial Officer at 270-442-7121.

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