Celebrating 90 Years with $90 Donations: Marshall County Caring Needline

March 2017
For Carolyn Dowdy's $90 Charity of Choice donation, she has elected the Marshall County Caring Needline, a Food Bank for the residents of Marshall County Kentucky. They provide various services including distribution of USDA food items, distribution of Food Bank items, and we offer special programs for food relief.
Marshall County Caring Needline is a independent non-profit organization made of Christian persons who come together to serve and care for people and their basic needs in Marshall County and currently offers the following programs to those who qualify:

1. Needline Assistance programs

2. Emergency Food Bank

3. USDA Commodities

4. Commodity Supplement Food Program– Cheese and other commodity foods for citizens 60+.

5. Constant communication to area churches and service organizations to provide each home with all the community services available.

The purposes are:

1. To coordinate the effort of the churches and organizations in Marshall County.

2. To provide a centralized agency for information, screening, and referral for requests made to the Needline.

3. To serve as a referral agency relating the need to the existing agencies.

4. To respond directly to emergency needs of local citizens.

5. To educate the public to human needs in Marshall County.

6. To develop a spirit of trust among churches and other interested organizations.


If you would like to join Carolyn, donations can be mailed directly to:

Marshall County Caring Needline

307 Main Street

Benton, KY 42025


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