Celebrating 90 Years with $90 Donations: Marshall County Ramp Ministry

March 2017

For Debbie Draffen's $90 Charity of Choice donation, she has chosen the Marshall County Ramp Ministry. The Ramp Ministry builds wheelchair ramps for people throughout Marshall County and the surrounding area. Ramps are built according to highly engineered standards with both materials and labor donated by volunteers. Workers pre-fab the components at Dave Berndt's shop, and then complete the installation on site.

In addition to serving the Marshall County area, the group also works with the Reidland UMC Ramp Ministry group to help install ramps in McCracken County and other areas.

For more information please contact Jack Peyton at 270-366-2251.

Ramp Ministry Agreement Form

The Ramp Ministry Agreement Form needs to be signed by the property owner and the resident.

If you would like to be involved, donations can be mailed directly to:

Marshall County Ramp Ministry

c/o Mr. Brad Colson

1130 Wadesboro Road South

Benton, KY 42025


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