Employee Engagement through the HCR Process Webinar

March 2017

You may have your health care reform strategy lined out, but have you thought about how to explain it to employees? Are you starting to get questions from them that you're unsure of how to answer? How do you explain your decisions to them while ensuring you can keep your key employees?

Access this online webinar to learn from two experienced HR professionals the best ways to deliver what could be a rather confusing message. Speakers include Jeff Elias, HR Director for Benefit Advisors Network and Randy Fox, Founding Partner of Capstone HR. 

Our year-long Inform on Reform series covers a different topic each month to bring employers up-to-speed on the many facets of health care reform. Speakers vary monthly as we bring you the latest on HCR.

If you miss a session of Inform on Reform, visit our website to sign up for Peel & Holland University and gain access to webinar and seminar recordings! You can also access documents and other resources. Click here to join P&H University today!

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