FACT or MYTH: For the year 2014, the max penalty a single adult can incur as a result of compliance failure with the Affordable Care Act is $95.

March 2017

FACT! The maximum annual penalties are detailed in the table below.

Annual Penalties (Greater of the following)



Annual Max


1% of income

$95 adult
$47.50 child
$295 family


2% of income

$325 adult
$162.50 child
$975 family

2016 & Beyond

2.5% of income

$695 adult
$347.50 child
$2,085 family


  • Penalty cannot exceed national exchange bronze plan
  • No penalty imposed on those without coverage for less than three months (only one three-month period allowed in a year)

No legal or tax advice is given or intended-general topical reference is used.

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