FACT or MYTH: If my insurance company dramatically increases the premium for my earthquake coverage, I can simply remove the coverage. My homeowners insurance will still cover any damage or total loss from an earthquake.

March 2017

MYTH! If your home is damaged as a result of an earthquake and you do not have earthquake coverage, your homeowners insurance will not cover any damage.

Many believe that an earthquake will never affect them and if it does, their homeowners insurance will cover the damage. For our area, both are dangerously false. More than a million earthquakes occur every year throughout the world, according to the Center for Earthquake Research and Information. While it's nearly impossible to predict where the next quake will hit, homeowners can get a rough idea of their risk by using seismic hazard maps. Did you know our area lies in a major hazard area called the New Madrid Seismic Zone?

For homeowners near the New Madrid fault line, it is likely not a matter of "if" an earthquake will affect you, but rather "when." With many insurance companies sharply increasing their earthquake coverage premiums and others dropping the coverage entirely, many homeowners believe that they can no longer afford the coverage. As a homeowner, you must also ask yourself, can you afford not to have coverage in the event of an earthquake?

Homeowners cite recent premium increases of up to 29% annually, for up to five years, to maintain their coverage. It is important to note that such premium hikes are not industry wide and that cost-effective options for maintaining this vital coverage are still very much available. The same is true if your insurance company has elected to drop this coverage entirely. For more information or to request a proposal, simply call our offices at 800.599.8621.

For an earthquake hazard map of our area and more information about the substantial risk we face, visit:

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