Guidance on HSAs, FSAs, and Employer Payment Plans

March 2017

On Friday, September 13, 2013, the IRS released Notice 2013-54 and the DOL issued Technical Release 2013-03 in substantially identical form. This guidance, which is generally effectice January 1, 2014, provides much needed clarification on the application of certain provisions of the ACA (annual limits and preventive care) to account-based plans such as HRAs and FSAs, and other types of arrangements that reimburse premiums (referred to in the guidance as "Employer Payment Plans".

To learn more about the impact of this and other decisions on employee benefit plans, please visit Peel & Holland University. We have posted a document entitled Guidance on HSAs, FSAs, and Employer Payment Plans.

Peel & Holland continues to monitor progress of the health care reform developments for workplace wellness programs and will keep you informed of important updates.


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