Peel & Holland kicks off Attentive Driving Campaign

March 2017

August 22, 2013

Peel & Holland kicks off Attentive Driving Campaign

BENTON, Ky. – Peel & Holland is proud to announce its commitment to the safety of its employees and the Western Kentucky community by enacting a new campaign to help fight the epidemic of distracted driving.

The attentive driving campaign kicked off on July 30th, during a presentation to Peel & Holland employees and their families. Speakers included Patrol Officer Gretchen Morgan and Captain Donald Hodgson of the Paducah Police Department, as well as Hillary Coltharp, a young woman whose life was dramatically changed due to distracted driving.

In 2007, 26-year-old Coltharp made the decision to text while driving. She lost control of her vehicle, crossed the median and rolled three times before being ejected 75 feet from her car. Along with a skull fracture and severe brain trauma, she suffered a collapsed lung and multiple broken bones.

Coltharp faced years of recovery and rehabilitation. Her life now is quite different than the life she lived before the crash, when she loved to play with her son, spend time with her family and friends, and work as a hair stylist. As she suffered a traumatic brain injury with extensive memory loss, life is still a struggle for Coltharp. She now devotes much of her time to telling her tragic story to schools and other groups as a testament of how one distracting text while driving can change your life forever.

“Peel & Holland places great priority on employee safety,” said Eric Stuber, Director of Information Technology at Peel & Holland. Stuber organized the event. “We also feel it extends beyond our agency as we strive to be responsible members of our communities. We implore our employees to set a good example. Hillary, Gretchen, and Donald really helped our team realize that no conversation or text message is worth jeopardizing the safety or lives of those around us.”

As a thank you to Coltharp, Patrol Officer Morgan and Captain Hodgson, Peel & Holland made a donation to Crime Stoppers.



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