Peel & Holland Reopens Murray Office After Downtown Fire

March 2017

Peel & Holland, whose Murray office had to be closed following the fire in Downtown Murray on July 23rd, has reopened its office at a temporary location, located in the Northpointe Professional Office Complex at 1712 Highway 121 North, Suite C.

When Peel & Holland President Roy Riley got the phone call in the early morning hours on July 23rd saying the Peel & Holland office was in danger of catching fire, he said his initial thought was, “We’re going to be okay.”

“Disaster recovery is something we hit head-on with our clients, so it is something we have planned and prepared for extensively ourselves,” Riley explained. “Several years ago we moved from being dependent on paper to a completely electronic environment, so all of our client files are scanned into a system that has multiple redundancies. If we do ever have to deal with something like a fire, we are still able to keep our team members up and running, and ready to serve our clients.”

While the Peel & Holland office building did not sustain fire damage, water and smoke damage to the building was extensive.  It took eight days for the structural integrity of the building to be confirmed and access back into the office granted.

“We were able to salvage our computers and most of our office furniture,” Riley explained. “We were very fortunate in this situation, and our hearts go out to our neighbors who were not nearly as fortunate.”

Riley said he was amazed at how effectively Murray Fire Department and Calloway County Fire and Rescue responded to the fire.

“When I first arrived at the square at 4:30 a.m., I thought there was no way our building would survive the blaze,” Riley said. “I can’t reiterate enough how impressed I was at the quick, accurate work of the fire fighters.”

Riley explained that Peel & Holland has three other offices, in Benton, Mayfield and Paducah, and that the employees who worked in the Murray office reported to one of those offices or worked from home since the day of the fire to ensure their clients’ needs were met. The Murray team is now working in the Northpointe office complex location.

“We pride ourselves on being available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Riley explained. “We weren’t going to let a fire get in the way of that.”

While the future of Peel & Holland’s downtown office building, which is leased, has not yet been determined, Riley said he hoped Peel & Holland would soon find its way back home.

“Our downtown building will have to be gutted after the damage it received,” Riley explained. “My hope is that it remains standing, survives the demolition of any of the structures around it, and that we can bring our building back as a beacon of a revitalized Downtown Murray. Many businesses have put much work into the downtown area, and we would love nothing more than to be right back there in the middle of it.”

Riley said only time will tell what the future of the building holds.

“We’re grateful to have found a spot at Northpointe, but the truth is that space is much smaller than what we need as we continue to grow our Murray team,” Riley explained. “Having a fire is never a good thing, especially in this case as it has impacted so many businesses, but we are hoping to take this as an opportunity to serve our clients even better.”

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